Goodbye from ScriptTank… until 2017

ScriptTank is now on its Christmas hiatus.

We’ll be returning in the New Year, but the dates are to be confirmed.

Please bookmark this site and keep checking in, or subscribe to the blog or join ScriptTank’s Facebook group for updates.

Until then, have a good festive season and we’ll see you in 2017, with more scripts and performances.

ScriptTank’s new home and future dates in 2016

Due to the loss of our old home, ScriptTank’s meetings will now be held at The Wheatsheaf pub (25 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1DG).

Because we took off October, in order to search for the new home, there will only be two more meetings this year.

On 1 December, we will be hearing a screenplay by Alain Kramer and 15 December will be a shorts night and our traditional Christmas party afterwards.


ScriptTank’s summer holiday – see you in September

ScriptTank is now on its summer hiatus. We will be returning to our fortnightly schedule of readings in late September.

In the meantime, please join our Facebook group, where you can meet other ScriptTank members, and keep visiting this site over the next few weeks, as we’ll be keeping it updated with new posts about ScriptTank and how readings can help you develop your scripts.

if you would like to join ScriptTank and have your work performed and critiqued, please read this page on joining and then get in touch.

If you are a current member and would like to book in a reading, and attended at least two readings during the last spring/summer season, please email Katharine Way.

Have a happy summer, and we look forward to seeing you come the autumn.