Stephen Fingleton’s ‘The Survivalist’ at the BFI London Film Festival

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The Survivalist by ScriptTank member Stephen Fingleton will be screened at the BFI London Film Festival.
This post-apocalyptic psychological thriller feature film, which Stephen wrote and directed, is touring film festivals around the world.

ScriptTank was lucky to hear two drafts of The Survivalist while Stephen was developing it.

The Survivalist will be screened on 12 October and 15 October during the London Film Festival. Tickets will be available to the public from the 17 September.

Last year, Stephen was deserving long-listed for an Academy Award – an Oscar – for his short film SLR – another psychological thriller, starring Game of Thrones’ Liam Cunningham and Richard Dormer.

SLR by Stephen Fingleton now online

SLR by Stephen Fingleton

SLR – Elliot (Liam Cunningham) talks to Verma (Richard Dormer), photo by Aidan Monaghan

SLR by ScriptTank member Stephen Fingleton is now viewable online.

Stephen wrote and directed SLR – a disturbing thriller starring Game of Thrones’ Liam Cunningham. It was read at ScriptTank during its developement.

SLR’s production was funded by the BFI.

To watch the film, for free, visit SLR’s Facebook page or it’s website.

Last year Stephen’s script The Survivalist, which has been twice read at ScriptTank – appeared on the Black List – the top 50 unproduced screenplays in circulation in the LA film industry. The Survivalist has been read twice at ScriptTank.