The Bone Orchard by Kate Lock on Radio 4 (and don’t forget Katharine Way’s Doctors)

On Wednesday afternoon, Radio 4 will be putting on The Bone Orchard by one of ScriptTank’s veteran member, the award-winning Kate Lock.

In The Bone Orchard, Sue returns home to Liverpool for her parents’ wedding anniversary and is forced to face a secret from her father’s past and the truth about their relationship.

The Bone Orchard will be on Radio 4 2.15pm on Wednesday, 7 December. And it’ll be available on the BBC iPlayer for a week afterwards.

Also, Katharine Way’s latest episode of Doctors – The Invisible Woman – was broadcast on Tuesday, 6 December. It will be on the iPlayer for another month.

20 July – Dangerous by Katharine Way


The final reading for this season of ScriptTank is Dangerous, a single-episode TV play by (the British Soap Award winning) Katharine Way.

Rose, 50s, faces a dilemma. Her son Paul is in prison, convicted of murdering his wife. Paul’s daughter Polly – 15, disturbed, grieving and raging at the world – now lives with Rose because she has no other family after Sue’s death. But Polly hates her grandmother, blaming her for what happened. She insists that her dad had been beating up her mum for years before he finally killed her and that Rose, like everyone else, didn’t want to know and did nothing. Rose loves her granddaughter, but as Polly’s behaviour becomes more and more extreme, Rose becomes afraid of her. And Paul, who she visits in prison, insists that Polly is lying – that she’s manipulative and violent, a compulsive liar and that she’s the dangerous one. Rose is forced to choose between her son and her granddaughter. Who will she believe? Whose side will she be on? And which of them is really dangerous?

The evening starts at 6:45 for a 7pm start at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

If you are interested in joining ScriptTank, please contact us.

This is the final ScriptTank meeting before our summer break. Remember: you need to have attended at least two readings to have your script read in our autumn/winter 2016 season.

BBC’s Doctors 3,000th episode by ScriptTank member Katharine Way

BBC Doctors 3,000th episode 10 September BBC One

On Thursday, 10 September, the BBC will be featuring two works by Katharine Way – one of ScriptTank’s founder members. Including a very special episode of one of its longest-running dramas.

3,000 Doctors

At 1.45pm, BBC1 will be showing Katharine’s latest episode of DoctorsThe Heart of England. Katharine was picked to write the hour-long 3,000th episode of the long-running continuing drama.

Katharine says this episode concludes a long-running storyline. “A paedophile network known as Treehouse has been operating in Birmingham and Letherbridge – sometimes grooming and exploiting children, sometimes keeping them imprisoned in houses. Our characters are trying to tackle this, but it’s not easy…”

This special edition of Doctors also features special ‘red button’ features, which include an interview with Katharine.
And if you’d like to see what goes into making an episode of Doctors, check out this video from BBC Midlands Today.

See on Afternoon Drama

The same day, at 2.15pm, Katharine’s latest radio play – See – will be featured on Radio 4’s Afternoon Drama slot.
See is a psychological thriller, in which Danny is torn between his love for Cassie, who is going slowly blind, and his older brother, who thinks Cassie is faking her disability.

Both Doctors and See will be on BBC’s iPlayer service for 30 days after they’re broadcast: so you don’t have to pick between them.