5 March – God’s Triangle by Ian D Richardson

At our next reading, we’ll be hearing a new screenplay by Ian D. Richardson – God’s Triangle. The script is based on Ian’s biography of his great aunt – a missionary in East Bengal during the First World War.

Florence ‘Florrie’ Cox was intersex but didn’t know it, having been brought up in an intensely religious family in an age when sex was a taboo topic. During the First World War, she was caught up in scandal and an Establishment cover-up after marrying missionary Reverend Frank Paice while his mistress, Olga Johnston, waited impatiently in the wings.

We hope to see you next Tuesday, to hear what promises to be a fascinating story.

The Bone Orchard by Kate Lock on Radio 4 (and don’t forget Katharine Way’s Doctors)

On Wednesday afternoon, Radio 4 will be putting on The Bone Orchard by one of ScriptTank’s veteran member, the award-winning Kate Lock.

In The Bone Orchard, Sue returns home to Liverpool for her parents’ wedding anniversary and is forced to face a secret from her father’s past and the truth about their relationship.

The Bone Orchard will be on Radio 4 2.15pm on Wednesday, 7 December. And it’ll be available on the BBC iPlayer for a week afterwards.

Also, Katharine Way’s latest episode of Doctors – The Invisible Woman – was broadcast on Tuesday, 6 December. It will be on the iPlayer for another month.

10 November – Sleepy Time Girl and Back for More by Michael Barry

The first reading at ScriptTank’s new home at The Wheatsheaf is a double bill of radio plays by Michael Barry: Sleepy Time Gal and Back For More.

Sleepy Time Gal

Gillian is having a deserved lie-in. But life – and her husband, daughter and ex-boyfriend – won’t let her be. As the telephone calls throw up difficulties and possibilities, conscious and unconscious, an exhausted Gillian plunges into a dream world to resolve the emotional turmoil provoked by all these people who will not let her sleep. Can she make sense of a world where it seems everyone expects her to satisfy their demands without giving much in return? And can the advice of a long dead budgie be of any help whatsoever?

Back For More

When debonair Charles Fraser is run over by a truck and so snatched from Parliament, his wife, his mistress, and his role as an adviser to developing nations, the world is taken aback – although it doesn’t mourn unduly. Now dead, not over-valued but still one of the team, he seems an ideal candidate for an astonishing experiment in biotechnology, and it may be that Charles Fraser can be awakened from death – if his enemies in Parliament all the experiment to continue.

The evening starts at 6:45 for a 7pm start at the readings are held upstairs at The Wheatsheaf pub, at 25 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1DG.

There is a £3 fee for all members attending the reading.

If you are interested in joining ScriptTank, please contact us. Please remember you will need to attend at least two readings during this winter-spring season to have your script read in our winter/spring 2017 season.