7 Feb – Star Struck by Katharine Way

At the next ScriptTank meeting on 7 February we will hear Star Struck, a radio play by Katharine Way.

Two astronomers, Cal and Sarah, spend a fortnight at a remote observatory, watching a distant cataclysm: thousands of light-years away a star is ripped to pieces by a black hole. But as they wait for the main event, Cal detects a mysterious signal from deep space, both of them start to question everything they have ever believed…
Star Struck is a radio play, previously broadcast in the Afternoon Drama slot on Radio 4, which Katharine is considering re-adapting for other media.

The studio will be open from 7pm, but the reading will start at 7.30pm so the room can be set up.

If you’d like to bring guests to this reading, please let Katharine and Richard know.