16 October – Black Hills by Emma Zadow

ScriptTank’s second reading of autumn term is Black Hills by Emma Zadow.

“Black Hills is a macabre look at an American family with a very dark secret. When Scott and his little sister Joanie, leave home for Reed College, Oregon, they find themselves in the wilderness of the Black Hills, South Dakota.

“They meet Darryl, a rugged and lonely drunk, who agrees to help them get back on the road. As the night grows, Scott is haunted by memories of their family home, and their eccentric mother Carrie, plagues him with remembrances of 1963 as a boy.

“Secrets become clear as we travel between 1963 and 1976.”


The reading will be held at 16 October, at 7pm, at our regular venue.

If you are a writer in the field of performance arts and would like to attend, please contact us via this form.