Do you want to be a script supervisor?

Script supervisors – aka continuity supervisors – are one of the unsung and hardworking members of TV and film crew, tasked with making sure every shot matches up with what’s gone on before, and everyone on set is, literally, on the same page.

If this interests you, and you have two weeks to spare to spend in Wales at Pinewood Studios, this course may be for you.

This two week course includes practical workshops, talks with industry professionals and ‘simulated production experience’.

The lead tutor is Ceri Evans-Cooper, who has worked on the Harry Potter films, Green Zone and, the classic Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom.

The course runs for 10 days, Monday to Friday, starting 31 October and ending 11 November.

The course is part-funded by Creative SkillSet and BFI, so the cost is £350 per participant.

If you’re interested, visit the Sgil Cymru website for more details. Or email or phone 07843 779 870.

The deadline for applications is noon on Monday, 24 October, 2016.