8 June – Blocked by Mark Lindow

The next ScriptTank reading is a new draft of Mark Lindow‘s feature film Blocked. This is the second reading of this Cornwall-based drama.

Teenagers Jack and Fillan are outsiders. Trapped in a dying seaside town in Cornwall, they find themselves drifting together, caught in the riptide of their circumstance, they spend their time getting wasted and not taking life seriously. When Fillan’s dad dies Jack is there to help him forget, but the voyage they started together is heading for the rocks and tragedy. Folklore and Legends are prevalent in Cornwall, a county that is dependent on the sea. Blocked is a modern interpretation of some of these folklores and legends.

The evening starts at 6:45 for a 7pm start at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

If you are a current member, please note there are only four readings left until ScriptTank winds up for the summer, and you need to have attended at least two readings during this season to have a script read in the next season, beginning in September. If you are interested in joining ScriptTank, please contact us.