13 April – No More Secrets by Phil Mison

The first reading of ScriptTank’s summer season is Phil Mison’s No More Secrets – a radio play set in a dystopian near-future Britain that could still come true.

After the Middle East tinderbox ignites in a limited nuclear exchange a new geo-political landscape takes shape. UK politics shift radically to the right. The UK, no longer a member of the EEC, has become a one-party state. But what happens when the honourable and law abiding get labelled enemies of the people? Where do you run when there’s nowhere to hide? What sacrifices do you embrace to survive? Your principles, your beliefs, even your own family?

The evening starts at 6:45 for a 7pm start at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

If you are interested in joining ScriptTank, please contact us. If you are a current member, please remember you will need to attend at least two readings during this winter-spring season to have their script read in our autumn/winter 2016 season.