25 November – The Plot by Esther Eley and Fey School by Richard Cosgrove

Fey School Knight and Lady by Richard Cosgrove. (Photo by Spencer Wright.)

This week ScriptTank will be holding double-bill of readings: The Plot by Esther Eley and Fey School ‘The Knight and the Lady’ by Richard Cosgrove.

The Plot

Plot 12D has a history. In the hands of allotment guru Big Phil it seemed as if the plot could feed the 5,000. The waste from his chicken coup at home was his demon fertiliser and his soil was the envy of the entire allotment. His death and the unseemly competition for the plot opens up old wounds. George has the greatest sense of entitlement. Big Phil treated him almost as a son, care of the ‘secret’ long affair he had with his single mum Brenda. But it is actually Big Phil’s real son, Mick, who had the plot left to him in the will, despite him avoiding the allotment like the plague for obvious reasons.

Council rules, however, complicate matters further. They stipulate Plot 12D goes to the couple on the top of list – unwitting allotment virgins Hannah and Josh, who were gifted the plot and a shiny fork and spade as a wedding present.

In the mucky showdown, grief, resentment and chilli plants get thrown around as the soul of Big Phil watches down on his legacy in this warm comedy-drama.

Fey School ‘Knight and the Lady’

In ‘Knight and the Lady’ is an episode ‘Fey School’ – a supernatural comedy-drama TV series aimed at children and teenagers, about a group of friends who are faeries who battle fairy tale monsters, and trauma in their families’ lives. 

In this episode, Matthew – the faeries’ Champion Knight – must battle the Black Knight (aka The Dread Paladin) to save his mentor’s love. Meanwhile, Queen of the Fey Ashley tries to accept her mother’s homecoming from a spell in a psychiatric unit after an attempted suicide, while Brandon, her little brother, continues to be manipulated by a woman who has her own plans for London’s fairies.

The first episode of Fey School was previously read at ScriptTank. Knight and the Lady is an episode from later in the series.

Attending the reading

The evening starts at 6:45 for 7:00 at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street, for this reading. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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