11 February – Middle Child and Niceland by Ben Green

Middle Child by Ben Child photo © Gracey Stinson

This week ScriptTank will be hearing two scripts, both pilots for sitcoms, by Ben Green.

A double-bill of the pilot episodes of two sitcoms written for TV by Ben Green.

Middle Child

Chris (now in his late 30’s) is a grown up middle child. His place in the birth order has always bothered him. He saw his older brother, Denver (now in his early 40s), achieve things before him and watched his younger sister, Kitty, get doted on by the rest of the family.

Chris is one of those people who always thinks bad things will happen to them and because of the vibes he’s putting out to the world, bad things do happen to him.

Chris now lives with Kitty in a flat owned by Denver

Jude and her 10-year-old son, Jack live opposite Chris and Kitty. Jude went to school with Kitty and they are firm friends. Chris has fancied Jude pretty much from the first day he saw her but has said nothing because he is waiting for the ‘right moment’.

Jack is intelligent and picks up on things pretty quickly. He knows Chris fancies his mum and with the right guidance feels he could make a good partner for her.


Niceland is located inside a building. A massive isolated tower block, cut off from the rest of society.

It is a haven for people to live and work if they feel that the outside world has failed them. Totally self- contained, it offers everything from accommodation and work opportunities to holiday destinations and social venues and events. Quite simply, everything you could possibly think of is in Niceland.

Niceland welcomes people who apply for citizenship (just as long as they aren’t criminals). Nicelanders live and thrive in the environment along with many other like-minded individuals. If you are unsure how to behave there are various useful promotional videos that highlight certain rules and explain what is expected.

We follow Chesney Hamilton as he moves back in with his parents, with a view to permanent settlement in this dystopian environment.

Attending the reading

The evening starts at 6:45 for 7:00 at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street, for this reading. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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