14 May – Dan Leno Escapes From The Madhouse and Wishbone Junction by Ben Francis

The linen room at Claybury Asylum, Woodford. Image © Wellcome Trust under CC licence

Unusually for ScriptTank, this evening will feature two works Dan Leno Escapes From The Madhouse and Wishbone Junction – both by ScriptTank regular Ben Francis.

Dan Leno Escapes From The Madhouse – radio play

Dan Leno, hailed as the funniest man in the world, has had a breakdown. But he doesn’t belong in a madhouse. There are no audiences in madhouses.

Only an audience can make him well. Without laughter there is only silence. So he escapes, and takes a trip through Victorian London, where he meets one of his admirers: a widow who takes in washing for a living. Together they embark on a journey, though neither of them knows where it will end.

Dan Leno Escapes From The Madhouse is inspired by real events.

Wishbone Junction – one-act stage play

Ted and Beauregard are conjoined twins. Now in their thirties they were once driven around America by their father, so that they could do routines, and appear in carnivals.

But now that freak shows are banned they have lost their livelihood. Ted is content to live in the small American town of Wishbone Junction where everyone knows them, but Beauregard wants to go to the big city, where they might get work as stand-up comics. A woman they meet says that she might be able to get them work.

When one wants to go and one wants to stay, and they occupy the same body, who gets to decide where they will spend the rest of their life?

The evening starts at 6:45 for 7:00 at the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street, for this reading. The nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

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