Toshiki Okada’s Current Location

Toshiki Okada's Current Location

As part of a programme bringing contemporary Japanese playwrights, and their work, to the UK the Japan Foundation in Russell Square is presenting a reading of Toshiki Okada’s play Current Location.

The play explores the effect of the 3.11 Disaster: the series of earthquakes and tsunami which devastated Japan in 2011.

‘Three women stand on a cliff-edge overlooking their village; a village which is soon to disappear. “Sometimes we need to do things like this”, one of them says, “we need to step away from our daily lives, and look at them from a distance.” Using a cast of six female performers, the play explores how rumour and fear of inevitable change disrupts families, friends and communities, and is Toshiki Okada’s allegorical response to the 3.11 disaster.’

The reading, carried out in English, will be performed by the Bristol theatre company FellSwoop.

The reading will be followed by a panel discussion on Japanese’ contemporary theatre.

The free reading will be held on 18 March. Visit the Japan Foundation’s website to reserve a place.