16 October – Checkpoint 22

Checkpoint 22, Glastonbury entrance

Checkpoint 22 is a stage play, based on a true story, by David Ellis and Joel Ormsby, will be the first full reading of Scripttank’s new term.

Having just graduated from university and facing the big bad world, Joel and Dave have taken the first job to come along. They are working as security guards at the world’s most famous music festival: Glastonbury. However, what promised to be an exciting opportunity has boiled down to standing in a field, miles from the festival with only each other for company. Boredom reigns supreme.

This is a play about friendship, loyalty and growing up. And a giant squirrel.

For one night only…
This evening only, ScriptTank will be held at a different location: Theatre Delicatessen in Marylebone.

Theatre Delicatessen is in room 109 the old BBC offices in 35 Marylebone High Street. The reading starts at 7:45 for 8:00pm start. There is a £3 charge per session.

If you would like to join ScriptTank, please get in touch.