Attending ScriptTank without joining

Padlocked door

One of the frequent questions we get about ScriptTank is if people can attend meetings without going through the joining process.

ScriptTank meetings are closed to non-members. But there are ways non-members can come to a meeting.

ScriptTank members are allowed to bring guests. Usually these are co-writers, directors or producers who are working with the member to develop or produce their script. These invitations are made on a private basis, between the member and their guest.

ScriptTank does hold occasional open evenings. During these events non-members can come along, have an extract of their script read by actors and get some feedback on it. It also gives you a chance to speak to ScriptTank members and other writers.

While there are roadblocks to joining ScriptTank, our selectivity ensures the feedback and help ScriptTank members receive is some of the best around.

If you would like to join, please do get in touch. And if you’d like be informed about ScriptTank’s next open evening, please subscribe to this blog by clicking the “follow” button on the bottom-right.