5 June – The Reaper’s Toil

The Hitman by Matthew Hogan

Next week’s reading is The Reaper’s Toil, a TV series pilot by Joe Carpenter.

To everyone on the outside Eric Petrov is just another working class guy ‘done good’. He’s got it all: a devoted wife, two kids, and successful Grimsby-based trucking company, TR Deliveries. But it’s all supported by his sideline in executions staged as suicides or accidents. Eric learned the secrets of this deadly trade from his old man, Alex Petrov, an SAS soldier turned black ops assassin.

Then recession threatens to bite a chunk out of TR Deliveries and a hitman bids to become the next big-hitter in the underground world of contract killings. Eric’S credit line is holding steady but could start creeping into the red if things don’t ease up, making it harder for him to provide for his family. And for years Lawrence Portillo, Alex’s former boss, has been waiting patiently for an opportunity like this to recruit Eric into his dad’s old job.

What Eric wants most is to stop his children following their ancestors into the family business. And accepting a potential job offer from Portillo could be the only way to make sure that happens… a job that got his dad killed right in front of him.

The reading starts at 6:45 for 7:00, above the Blue Posts pub, Rupert Street, nearest tubes Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square.

There’s a £3 charge per session.