30 January – Living Well and Specials by Steve Keyworth

This week’s reading is made of two TV comedies by Steve Keyworth.

In Living Well Sheena needs to spend a year living as a woman before her doctor will consider her for gender reassignment surgery.  She’s not allowed to hide, she has to throw herself into real life. But her flatmate thinks he’s a wizard, her best mate wants to be Lindsay Lohan and when an old school friend comes to visit Sheena finds herself pretending again for the first time since she ran away from home.
Specials is a comedy about Special Police Officers. An epidemic of dumb crime is sweeping the Midlands, and who better to catch an idiot than another idiot? Dustmen and secretaries by day, crime fighters on their day off. Specials is Dad’s Army meets The Killing but writes the address down wrong and turns up by mistake at a nail bar. Oops.
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