Next reading: Dangerous Ground by Piers Beckley

The first reading of ScriptTank’s new season will be Piers Beckley’s Dangerous Ground by Piers Beckley.

“A decades-long civil war in an unnamed African state is over. While the main cities and towns are safe, the legacy of the conflict continues. Warlords and militias still own the vast majority of the countryside, killing and committing atrocities to cement their own power bases.

“MineClear is a British charity which specialises in removing weapons of conflict and making them safe. They train local people to remove and disarm landmines, dismantle weapons caches, and generally make the world a better place.

“Language expert Cass is trying to find meaning in her life after her long-term boyfriend committed suicide. Ex-soldier Rosie is so toughened against the world she finds it almost impossible to let anyone in. Doctor Andy tries to hold his own rage in check against the atrocities he sees every day. Disarmament expert Headcase gets on better with the weapons he makes safe than he does with people. And team leader Ian demands utter trust from his people while hiding his own secrets from them all.

“With the fragile ceasefire about to break, each of the team must face their own demons as they try to stay alive.”

The reading will be held on 16 January, 6.45pm at the Blue Posts.

Please join us if you can.